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Willows will be closed to the public this Saturday - the 20th of April. A core team member of Willows has passed away after a long battle with a terminal illness. As you can imagine, we need a little downtime to process our loss.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and we hope that you will be able to visit on another Saturday. We will be open as normal from Saturday the 27th of April.

Tel: 01771 653112


Precious and Gem

Precious with her lamb Gem, pictured above, had been seriously neglected by her owners and was in a very bad way. She had a very sore hoof and would crawl across the field on her knees looking for food. Because of her health issues, her lamb Gem, had been removed from her and was being bottle fed. Poor Precious was booked to go to slaughter....

A Good Samaritan who had seen Precious and how she could barely move asked us if we would take her in to Willows, if she could secure ownership of her. We agreed and waited to see what would happen. After a lot of persuasion, the Good Samaritan convinced the owners to hand her over. We were all delighted! She then heard about Precious’ lamb and asked if she could come too, but the answer was simply no.

Taking Precious’ liberation as a win, arrangements were made for her to be transported to Willows. When the transport arrived we heard not only a sheep baaing but also a lamb bleating - we just couldn’t believe our ears! The pair were unloaded and we were told that the Samaritan’s nagging had played on the owner's conscience and he allowed the lamb to go with her mother!

We organised milk and bottles for Gem who was only 4 weeks old! Our joy soon turned to worry though, when we realised how incredibly ill Precious was. We called out our vet immediately. Poor Precious was utterly emaciated and had a very painful hoof. She also had chronic pneumonia and a raging temperature. She had no teeth and it seemed that she was close to death. We lost count of how many vet visits Precious had and we now think that if the lamb hadn’t been with her she would have given up and died.

Eventually, Precious started to eat and her strength gradually built up. We were all so relieved that she was going to live! Her hoof however has been rather difficult to sort out, but one of our amazing vets, Ewan, has gone above and beyond to help her and made her a special wooden shoe (in his workshop, similiar to what is sometimes done for cows) to help ease the pain in her foot. Precious responded really well to this and can now walk freely! She may end up having a part of her hoof removed, but at the moment she’s doing really well.

Little Gem absolutely loves being back with her mum and we are sure that her cheeky and cheery disposition is what kept Precious going. We are so pleased that we managed to save them and we will make sure all their days are peaceful and full of happiness!

Above Gem today. You can sponsor her here.


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25 Years Rescuing Animals

Willows Animal Sanctuary, founded in 1998 and obtained charity status in 1999, is the largest, ethically managed, equine, farm and domestic animal sanctuary in Scotland and will try to help any animal in distress. We operate a strict no kill policy and only euthanise an animal on veterinary advice. We look after over 500 animals including over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys, approximately 50 cats, dogs and many reptiles as well as over 200 farm animals and birds.

We are totally dependent on donations, legacies and grants from benevolent organizations to keep the sanctuary running. Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We specialise in helping elderly or more vulnerable animals that have already been refused help by well-known large national charities, but we can only continue to help needy animals with your support.

Marmalade's New Friends!

Our Christmas newsletter features Marmalade with his new friends. Here he is pictured with the very cute little Berry!

New Cats for Adoption!

This is Pumpkin, one of several new cats that we have for adoption - click on his picture to see the others.

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Cat Hotel

The Cat Hotel is a truly amazing and unique facility for cats, at Willows, that aren’t suitable for normal homes because they are either feral, not house trained, elderly or have health issues. Such cats are often forgotten and usually rejected by larger charities because they are very unlikely to find a good home.

At Willows, we are strongly committed to helping disadvantaged cats live their best lives. We make sure that they all have constant access to this special facility and they are free to roam the 54 acre sanctuary. Every cat is health checked, neutered, vaccinated, has constant access to food and a cosy bed.

Some of our cats cats have come from loving families who suffered a change of circumstances but many of them were facing death or had simply been forgotten by society. Not by us though! To us, they matter hugely and we are here for them.

Please, please help us to continue our good work by sponsoring a cat, spreading the word about our good cause or by holding a fundraiser.

Rescued Sheep

Willows currently provides a life-long home more than 80 sheep.

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