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Sponsor the Donkeys at £15/month
Did you know that Willows is home to 16 beautiful donkeys? If you’ve ever had trouble choosing which one to sponsor, how about sponsoring the whole donkey barn?

Donkeys are very misunderstood and require a lot of special care. Some of our donkeys have come from the most horrible places and have very sad stories that make you want to cry. Lady came from such a awful place that her foal died in terrible conditions and she arrived at Willows grieving and ill with untreated mastitis. Humphrey lived out in a field with no proper care or shelter and had crippling foot problems.
dpic Boris was taken to market to be sold for meat. He was terrified of everyone, but was fortunately saved and brought to Willows.

Would you like to support the donkey barn for only £15 per month? That’s less than £1 per donkey! In return, we'll send you a special Willows supporter pack! Your £15 per month will go towards hay, feed, bedding, medicine, vet bills and much more.
Sponsor the Donkey Barn at £15/month