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Sponsor the Pigs at £8 per month
We have many rescued pigs at Willows. All with different stories, some have suffered serious trauma and neglect, some were an unwise choice of pet and caused mayhem and damage to property. For example, Truffles broke out of a pig farm when she was just a day or two old and was found running for her life down a small road.
cpic The Willows pigs live in a large established group with over two acres to roam and plenty of pig huts to choose from which are always full of straw! Sadly, they are not very popular amongst most people to sponsor as they are largely seen as food animals.
cpic A pig has the same awareness as a three year old child yet sadly remains one of the most exploited and abused animals in the world. If you’d like to show the Willows pigs some support by becoming a supporter we’ll put your name up on our piggy supporters board! Rescuing them is only part of their story, caring, feeding, covering their vet bills and providing them with everything they need all costs lots of money and if 20 special people chip in they can bring security to this small piece of heaven and be part of something truely wonderful.
Sponsor the Pigs at £8 per month