When Ginger came to Willows he was in a very sorry state. We can only help badly negected animals like him if you make it possible by giving generously. Look at what you and Willows did for Ginger (see photo at right). Without your donations Ginger would have been slaughtered or simply died as a result of the neglect.
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If you want to make a regular donation, you can allow us to set up a direct debit by printing out the standing order mandate, filling it in and sending it to us!
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You can send us a cheque or postal order to the address below for however much you want!

Willows Animal Sanctuary,
Lambhill Farm, New Pitsligo,
AB43 6NY

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A donation of £3.00 goes towards buying food for a Willows rabbit!

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A donation of £10.00 helps support a Willows cat!

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A donation of £25.00 buys our rescued horses and farm animals a big round bale of hay!

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A donation of £50.00 supports a horse or donkey!

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A donation of £100.00 goes towards paying our monthly vet costs!

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If you've already paid tax on your donation, Gift Aid can give Willows 28% more! If you wish to Gift Aid your donation download a form here.